5 Helpful Hints to prepare for SAT/ACT/PSAT tests from Mrs. Vick, the Math Mom

5 Helpful Hints to prepare for SAT/ACT/PSAT tests from Mrs. Vick, the Math Mom

Want to help your student get a head start this summer preparing for the SAT/ACT/PSAT tests?

We all know how important these tests are for college entrance and scholarship money, but many parents aren’t sure when a good time to begin preparing is, and how they can help their students prepare.

Here are some easy, low-cost ways your student can get started today.

1) Go to Khan Academy-

  • Have your student take a practice test. The program will then show areas your student needs to work on, and put them on a program to begin practicing those skills.

2) A common question that I hear parents ask is, “When should my student start prepping for these tests?”

  • I believe the best, most effective prep your student can do is long-term, intentional, consistent practice. Even just a few problems on a consistent basis over a period of time is very effective.

  • A fourth of the math problems on the ACT is pre-algebra concepts. So, beginning from Pre-Algebra on (7th – 12th grades) is a perfect time to be practicing. Remember, the more exposure to these types of questions, the better.

3) Another common question I hear parents ask is, “What kinds of things can my student be doing now to help them prepare for these tests?” Here are 2 things I recommend.

  • A great way to have your student practice daily, in small doses, would be to Download 2 free apps on their phones:

  1. Daily Practice SAT

  2. ACT Prep

  • Both of these apps have a “Question of the Day” and practice tests. If your student did nothing else but the problem of the day consistently, it would help prepare them.

  • Purchase these 2 books:

  1. The Official ACT Prep Guide – From the makers of the ACT. This has real ACT tests

  2. The Official SAT Study Guide – From the College Board, makers of the SAT.

  • This has real SAT tests. Both of these books are from the people who write the tests, and they each contain actual ACT or SAT tests. It is always best to practice actual tests, so students are familiar with the types of questions that are asked, and the way they are asked, as well as the format of the tests.