What past students have to say

"I wanted to write you a quick note of thanks for all that you’ve done for me. Although I’m going away to college and many things are changing all around me, there is one thing that will not change, my love for math. You are the one that put this love into me."

— Jonny M. Homeschool Student


"Truly the best math teacher out there!! It was such a privilege to be one of your students and you are the reason I chose to teach high school math!"

-Rachel G

"Since I first started your Algebra I class, I started to love math. I loved coming to class every week. Thank you so much for the four years you spent teaching me. You have been my inspiration to continue my college education in mathematics. Because of you I love math!"

-Molly C. homeschool student

"I have loved your class for these past 2 years. I came into your class hating math, but now I love it! You have taught me so much! You are so patient and enthusiastic!!"     

— Michaela K

"I took math classes with Mrs. Vick throughout highschool. I didn't think I really liked math until I took her classes. She made algebra fun and easy for me to understand. The classes prepared me for college with lessons and assignments that challenged me beyond what I thought I could do. This foundation in math helped me significantly in my college math classes, and even chemistry class. She was a great teacher and I always looked forward to her classes."

-Jessica l. homeschool student 

What parents have to say

Cynthia has such a gift! My children have gone from overwhelmed and almost fearful of math to confidently and comfortably working through problems of every nature. She has worked with my children from Pre-Algebra all the way through Calculus with unbelievable results. She has taken our boys from failing grades to A and high B averages. She has also worked with one of my children to help raise his SAT scores with a huge scholarship to show for it. We continue to use her consistently as her methods allow for a complete understanding of each math concept. We are a part time homeschooling family and work collaboratively with Cynthia to help to arm our children with the best opportunity to succeed in math!

-Scottie H.

"Cynthia Vick taught mathematics to our children while they were being homeschooled in high school.  She chose the best curriculum in order to give them a solid math education. Because she was an excellent teacher the concepts were taught clearly and thoroughly.  The strong math education our kids received allowed them to transfer smoothly into college level math courses.Not only is Cynthia a talented educator, but she cares deeply for her students in/out of the classroom.  She has a wonderful gift of interacting very well to all ages but especially to youth.Our children were greatly blessed to participate in Cynthia’s high school homeschool math classes!"

-Kim P.

Until her Junior year, my daughter would tell you that math was her worst subject because she always found it difficult to understand and didn’t do well in it. This all changed when Cynthia Vick was her teacher for Pre-Calculus. Within a few months, my daughter was telling me that she really liked math and it was making sense to her for the first time! She gained so much confidence, she even took Business Calculus the following year. Mrs. Vick is a gifted math teacher who can unlock learning for the most discouraged or elevate the proficient. My daughter excelled and finally enjoyed math under her skilled and masterful teaching.

-Julie C.

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