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Weekly Highschool Math Classes in North Texas Designed for Homeschoolers

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Classes on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays


Times: These are 2019/2020 times

Tuesdays: Geometry - 2-3:30

Wednesdays: Algebra 2 - 1-2:30; Algebra 1- 3-4:30

Thursdays:  Pre-Cal - 12:30-2; PreAlgebra 2:30-4



South Denton: Tuesday,  Wednesday, Thursdays,

Calendar: These are 2019/20 dates

Fall Semester:  August 27th- December 13th

Week of Thanksgiving off.

Spring Semester: Jan 7th - May 21st

Week of March 9th off.



How will the Class Work:

Students will meet once a week for an hour and a half class. All concepts for the week will be taught and homework assigned – odd answers are in the back of the book. Students or parents are responsible for checking the homework. Short quizzes will be given in class.

Classes are recorded so students can rewatch the teaching during the week for extra help. This is also a huge bonus when students are sick or out of town and have to miss class, the recording allows them to not miss the instruction.

Tests will be sent to the parents and administered by the parents, then placed in an envelope and returned the following week. I will grade the tests. There will be one project due each semester.  Semester and final exams will be administered by me. Grades will be given at semester and end of year.

**** Free one hour online tutoring available each week for students to ask questions over problems they are having with their homework. You will be given a Zoom link where students can get online live with me, and I can go over questions they are having.


How Much Does It Cost

Classes are $70 per month - 9 months.  There will be a $50 registration fee - $25 for each child after that with a $100 max per family. Students will need to purchase a textbook. These are easily found on Amazon.

For $70 a month you get:

  • 1 ½ hours (90 min) of instruction – their hw assignments for the week.

  • All classes recorded so students can go back over the instruction/don’t miss a beat if they are sick or out of town.

  • 1 hour a week of live online homework help

  • Intentional work on SAT/ACT problems

  • Texas Certified Experienced Teacher- over 36 years of teaching kids math!